Terrasale possibilities

We have combined the best trends, directions and solutions of the 21st century into a single ecosystem operating on the same platform.

  • Social network

    The possibility to communicate, get acquainted, make friends, share recommendations and interact with the whole world in one place.

  • Marketplace

    The possibilities of effective business promotion, as well as tools for selling goods/services around the world.

  • Affiliate program

    The possibility to develop and earn money anywhere in the world, using the new-generation partnership program.

  • Discount system

    Great discounts on goods and services, the best offers from business and companies, cashback, loyalty programs and purchases without intermediaries.

  • Service Aggregator

    The possibility to use helpful services and applications, online games and sites connected to Terrasale via a public API.

  • Innovative platform

    Application of innovative approaches, blockchain-technologies, digital tools for the development of new-generation market relations.

Terrasale areas

We are expanding the boundaries of social networks and offer the best solutions for every person in the modern world.


Promote and grow your business, get new customers, increase sales of goods and services.


Make profitable purchases, get cashback, have your leisure time, use apps and services, communicate, make new acquaintances, share recommendations.


Develop Terrasale in your region or around the world and get income from more than 8 areas.


Mobile application

Terrasale mobile app will allow you to keep abreast of all events. Load up it on your smartphone and get instant access to all the features even now.

Feedback contact

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